Important Notice Regarding Online Banking Access Beginning April 9, 2018

The Savings Bank will be implementing an important security update, TLS 1.2, related to the online banking system. This update will take effect Monday, April 9th at 12:01 AM.

Steps necessary to use online banking via on and after April 9, 2018:




Make sure you are using operating systems and browsers that support TLS 1.2. Below is a basic TLS 1.2 compatibility chart.


For most customers, this update will have NO IMPACT on your ability to access your accounts and execute online banking. However, customers using computers with these two systems will not be able to access or use the site:

- Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and below
- Microsoft XP/Vista and below

If you have either of these systems, we apologize, but you WILL NOT be able use the online banking system. An upgrade to any of the other systems noted on the chart will allow you to again use the online banking tools with this enhanced security.




Enable Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2     
A.    From your Internet browser, select Tools, then Internet Options.     
B.    Click the Advanced tab, and scroll down to the Security section


C. Ensure TLS 1.2 is checked. If not, check TLS 1.2 and select Apply, OK.


Note: DO NOT uncheck TLS 1.0 and 1.1, as this might cause you to be unable to access other financial sites that have not updated to TLS 1.2.

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