Personal Services

Our commitment to make your life and work easier is reflected in our line of services.

This is a special line of credit associated with a checking account held by qualified customers where funds are automatically transferred to cover overdrafts when needed.

Our Online Banking gives you the ability to manage and view your account(s) information 24 / 7 anytime anywhere.

Online bill pay is faster and easier than writing and mailing paper checks.  Pay your bills as you receive them or schedule recurring payments. Safe and convenient, save time and money by enrolling in our online bill pay. 

Our Info Line gives you access to your account information via your telephone. You can check on your account balances, review recent transactions and even transfer funds between your accounts. Quick and easy, your account information is just a phone call away.

A wire transfer allows our customers and businesses to transfer funds from one person or entity to another via a bank-to-bank wire. Safe, fast and convenient wires are a way of sending money when no other form of payment will be accepted. The recipient usually receives the funds in their account the same day.

eStatements are electronic statements that allow a customer the ability to view, print, save or download their current bank account statement to Excel, Quicken® or QuickBooks™.  Statements from the previous twelve months also can be viewed, printed or saved. Customers are notified via email when their statement is ready. Safe and convenient, eStatements eliminate the hassle of filing or organizing paper statements or the worry of having them lost or stolen.

Located in the bank vault, a safe deposit box is a safe and secure way to store your stocks, bonds, deeds, wills, titles, jewelry and other valuables you may have. A low annual rental fee is a small price to pay for your piece of mind and to keep your valuables safe and organized. Access to your safe deposit box can be made anytime during regular business hours.  (Safe Deposit Box contents are not covered by FDIC).

OFFICIAL CHECKS (Cashiers’ Checks)
Official checks are issued by and guaranteed by the bank for payment. Customers purchase the checks with cash or collected funds from their bank account. They are used when no other form of payment, such as a personal check, money order or cash, will be accepted.

We offer a wide variety of styles and designs for both personal and business accounts at a competitive price.     

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