Personal 24-Hour Phone Banking

INFO-Line: 1-866-780-4636

Our favorite way to serve our customers is face-to-face, but we know that your life isn't nine to five. That's why we have the SmartBanking INFO-line.

This toll-free number gives you access to your account information 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It's quick and easy to use – and, most importantly, it's there during those times that we cannot help you personally.

We know the SmartBanking INFO-line will make banking a lot easier for you, but don't let it make you a stranger. Let us continue to help you in any way we can during traditional office hours, and take comfort in knowing that we are just a phone call away, any time.

For assistance or more information, visit one of our convenient branches – or give us a call at 800-582-2265.


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