Say Hello to .Bank!

Peace of mind, added security and a new look – coming soon

Say hello to

Your security is one of our top priorities at The Savings Bank, and on June 18th, our web address will change from to

Why change to .bank? 
The addition of the .bank web address will provide greater security to our customers. New online threats appear every day, and this is just one more way your community bank is making sure your money is safe.

When will these changes occur? 
Please update your bookmarks after June 18th once our new .bank web address goes live. When the new site is launched, our old address will redirect to the new one for a limited time.

Will my online banking change?
No. While the log-in box on our homepage will look different, the online banking itself will not change. You will not need to change your user ID, your password, or any other details pertaining to your online banking.

Once the new website is live, there will be an "online banking" button in the top right hand corner of the website. Customers will click it and a log-in box will appear in the center of the screen for both personal and business online customers. Then, customers will enter their information as always.

What kind of security does a .bank web address offer?
All .bank web addresses are only available to financial institutions, meaning that no one could replicate The Savings Bank's address in an attempt to phish for your information.

A .bank web address also has enhanced security requirements, surpassing those of other kinds of websites. This upgrade will protect our customers from Internet fraud, including phishing attacks and other data breaches.

What about when I apply for a loan on The Savings Bank's website? That link takes me to a web address that does not end in .bank.
All pages on The Savings Bank's site will now end in .bank with the exception of our loan applications. Those are hosted through a company partnering with The Savings Bank and are protected by separate firewalls and security programs. Though the web addresses on the applications are different, rest assured that your information is still protected.

What else is in store?
The Savings Bank's new site will have a brand new look, as well. Feel free to explore, and if you have any questions, please give us a call at 1-800-582-2265 or stop by any of our convenient offices.

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