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Equipment upgrades, facility expansions, updates or repairs...what does your business need to get to the next level? Our business banking experts want to know! Our capital improvement loans could be the solution. The Savings Bank has been helping qualified businesses achieve their long-term goals for decades. Let us help you. 

For assistance or more information, please contact one of our Loan Officers at 1-800-582-2265.

Circleville/Williamsport Loan Team

jason harrell
Jason J. Harrell

Executive Vice President
Chief Lending Officer
Phone 740-474-3191  Ext 1264

kelli woodward
Kelli Woodward
Loan Officer
NMLS# 1058726
Phone 740-474-3191  Ext 1244

brent sykes
Brent R. Sykes

Loan Officer
Phone 740-474-3191  Ext 1261


Ashville Loan Team

lonnie kuhlwein
Lonnie Kuhlwein

Vice President
NMLS# 476896
Phone 800-582-2265  Ext 1320


London Loan Team

stephen j lelonek
Stephen J. Lelonek

Senior Vice President
NMLS# 564463 
Phone 740-956-1273 Ext 1600

Gary L. Larsen
Gary L. Larsen

Loan Officer
NMLS# 564017
Phone 740-956-1273  Ext 1601


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